Reaching Families Annual Survey 2019
  • Reaching Families Annual Survey 2019

    Please complete the following survey on Reaching Families and get the chance to WIN an Xbox One, Dinner for 4 at Pizza Express or £50 in High Street vouchers.

    Evaluating our work is vitally important in a number of ways - in securing additional funding to continue our work, in reporting to existing funders and above all, in ensuring we meet the needs of local families.

    The following short survey should take 3-5 minutes to complete. If you would like to enter our prize draw please add your email address at the end of the survey. We will not share your email address or answers with a third party and will only contact you for reasons given below (for example, if you express an interest in volunteering or if you win a prize in the draw). You can view our privacy policy here

    Our survey will run until the 15th December and the prize draw will take place the following day, after which we will immediately inform winners of their prizes.

    Thank you

  • How many children do you have?
  • How many of your children have additional needs?

  • What age ranges are they in?
  • What kind of additional needs do your children have?

  • What are the major challenges you face as a family?

  • Which of the following Reaching Families projects or services have you used?

  • Which of the following statements about Reaching Families do you agree with? (please tick all that apply)

  • Which of the following Reaching Families services would you recommend to other parent-carers?

  • How else do you think Reaching Families could support families in West Sussex?

  • Do you benefit from the support of other parent-carers?
  • If you answered yes to the last question, what do you think are the main benefits of support from other parent-carers?

  • Which of the following did you receive when your child was diagnosed?

  • What support do you think parents need during and immediately after their child’s diagnosis?

  • Where do you get the most valuable advice and support?

  • Would you be interested in volunteering for Reaching Families?
  • If you would like to volunteer for Reaching Families which of the following most interests you?

  • If you are interested in volunteering with Reaching Families please provide your email address:
  • Please add any other comments or feedback you have on Reaching Families
  • If you would like to enter our prize draw please provide your email address
  • Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey

That's all, folks!

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