Survey of English farmers to understand opinions on current & future agriculture policy
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    What are the plans for your farm in the short term – the next 5 years (tick all that apply):

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     What are the plans for your farm in the long term – in more than 5 years’ time (tick all that apply):

  •  If you intend to Sell the farm (please state who to): 
  • If expanding existing farm enterprise/s (long term) - state which: 
  • If establishing a new enterprise/s (long term) state which:
  • *Which, if any, of the following issues are currently affecting your farm? (tick all which apply):
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    Which, if any, of these activities are you currently carrying out on your farm to tackle these problems (tick all which apply):

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    Which, if any, of these activities would you like to carry out on your farm to tackle the problems listed (tick all that apply):

  • *In which ways, if at all, would you like to diversify on your farm? (tick all which apply)
  • *What, if anything, is stopping you from making the changes mentioned in the previous two questions (tick all which apply)
  • *How important, if at all, do you think the health of the natural environment is for your farm business?
    Not important at all
    Very important
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    The government has indicated that it will allocate future support for farmers on the basis of a principle of public money for environmental responsibility. To what extent, if at all, do you agree with the government’s proposal?

    Strongly disagree
    strongly agree
  • *Which of the following, if any, do you class as environmentally responsible options to warrant receiving support?
  • *If you had to make a choice, which measures should be prioritised to receive public money in a new English farming policy? (Rank the top three you think are most important – 1= Most important 2=second 3=third)
  • *How satisfied are you that existing agri-environment schemes meet your needs
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    Very satisfied
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    What changes, if any, would you make to improve current agri-environment schemes?
  • *How important do you think regulation is to protect standards in the farming industry 
    Not important at all
    very important
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    What changes, if any, do you think are needed to make farming regulation and enforcement more effective?:

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