The Coroners' Court Support Service
  • As you may be aware, the Coroners' Court Support Service (CCSS) is a charity dedicated to supporting bereaved families, witnesses and others before, during and after the Inquest process.  Myself, my fellow volunteers and the CCSS staff team are always interested to know if there is anything we can do to improve the support we offer to people who need us.

    I would very much appreciate your views on our services and hope you may consider sharing those thoughts, in confidence, by answering a few questions.  This will not require any information which may allow you to be individually identified and any such identifying information you do provide is voluntary.  We respect your trust and protect your privacy and therefore will never use this data for any other purpose than that stated here.  The information you provide may be used to assist us in raising awareness of what we do, evaluating and improving our services, which in turn, helps us fund from various grant makers.  This will enable us to continue with our service.

    By completing this survey, you agree that we will process your data in line with our privacy notice.

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    Region/Court attended

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  • Where did you first hear about the Coroners' Court Support Service (CCSS)?
  • In what capacity were you attending the Inquest?
  • Did you attend the Inquest alone or with friends/family?
  • Were you worried or concerned about attending the Inquest beforehand?
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  • Volunteer Name:

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  • Did our CCSS volunteer help/support you at Court prior to, or during the Inquest?
  • If yes, how did our volunteer help you at Court prior to or during the Inquest?
  • Did you find our volunteer friendly and welcoming?
  • Please explain your answer below:
  • Did the information and support CCSS provided prior to the Inquest help you know what to expect?
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  • Did you feel CCSS kept you informed during the Inquest?
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  • Was the service/support you received from our CCSS volunteer at Court helpful?
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  • CCSS's support helped you feel more able to cope with the Inquest process, and feel less anxious/apprehensive.
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  • CCSS's support at Court helped me understand more about the Inquest process.
  • Please explain your answer below:
  • What were the benefits for you, or for anyone attending with you at Court, in having a CCSS Volunteer available?
  • Thinking about the service you received from the CCSS Volunteer at Court, what would you suggest could have been improved?
  • Have you sought further support following the Inquest? (select all that apply)
  • Please explain your answer below:
  • How likely is it that you would recommend this service to others?
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  • If you require further support - emotionally or practically in any way please


    The telephone number is 0300 111 2141 and email is

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  • Any other comments?
  • I hope I have been able to provide you with helpful support, and a small degree of comfort, on this difficult day for you.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    If we can be of any further help, please do get in touch.

That's all, folks!

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