• Cyber Security Solutions Study


    Why are we doing this research?

    We are conducting research into how people can be better supported in making cyber security decisions at work. We want to know how you would solve some of the problems people face. You are therefore invited to take part in a cyber-security research study.   

    The answers you provide will be completely anonymous, and only the research team will have access to them. Your name will not be in the questionnaire and you will be provided with a participant number, so you cannot be identified in any way.


    What does the research study involve?

    The study involves drawing and briefly explaining a solution to a cyber security problem.


    Who can take part?

    Anyone over 18 can take part.


    Why should you take part?

    We will be giving a prize of £50 to our favourite drawing! 

    You will also help us identify what kinds of solutions we should be looking at for cyber security problems.  It only takes a few minutes. There are no negative side effects of taking part and you have the right to withdraw from the study at any point.


    What happens to the results?

    This research is part of the GIFS project (Gentle Interventions For Security), a collaboration between Dr Emily Collins, Dr Joanne Hinds, Dr Sarah Wiseman and Prof Adam Joinson.  Data collected may be used in later or additional research and will be submitted to data repositories where appropriate.  In all cases, your data will be anonymous and strictly confidential. Your data will also be kept securely.  Results will be presented at conferences and written up in journals.  However, these results will be based on responses from groups of individuals. This means your answers will be combined with the answers from rest of the participants in the study. There will be no way to identify individuals.  The research has been approved by the School of Management Ethics Officer.


    Who can I contact for further information?

    For more information about the study, please contact the researcher, Dr Emily Collins on

    For more information about cybersecurity, please visit the UK Government ‘CyberAware’ website:

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    Because you'll be asked to upload a photo of your drawing, it might be easier to complete this on a smartphone.

That's all, folks!