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    The GROUP GUIDE is a voice transmission system ("whisper system") that uses tour participants' smartphones as receivers. The transmitter, the itour smartbox, generates a self-contained, mobile WiFi network. Guests connect their smartphones with the network and can use it as a receiver that streams the local guide's voice directly on their phones and listen to it with their headphones. 
    The receiver application is available for android and iOS. Smartphones with pre-installed receiver app and earpieces can be rented as spare devices. 
    You may alternatively or additionally install ready-made audio content in any number of languages on the smartbox in order to guide a group in multiple languages simultaneously.

    The ON-YOUR-OWN GUIDE is a mobile application for self-guided tours. A georeferenced map shows the cities Points of Interest and suggests a walking route. Pre-recorded audio commentaries and picture slideshows are triggered automatically through GPS. 


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