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  • *Do YOU or ANY of your close friends/family work in any of the following industries:
  • If so, in what capacity?
  • *Are you ...?
  • *Date of Birth
  • *Which of the following best describes your current employment status?
  • *What is your occupation?
  • *What is the highest level of education you have completed?
  • *What is your household’s annual income?
  • *How would you best describe your ethnic group from the list below?
  • *During the past six months, how many times, if at all, have you participated in any market research project which took thirty minutes or longer?
  • What was the subject of the group discussion(s) that you took part in?
  • *How often do you personally work out, either on your own or playing or practicing some type of sport (on an organized team or just with friends)?
  • *How do you exercise or work out? Please record any ways you exercise regularly.
  • *Do you currently play on a school team, for a rec league, or intramural, or on an organized club team?
  • If yes, what is the name of your school/club team?
  • If part of your working out, or training, involves running, which of the following most applies to you?
  • *How much do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements?
  • *Which of the following do you regularly wear when you work out?
  • *What size athletic t-shirt do you usually wear when you work out?
  • *What size shorts or leggings do you usually wear when you work out?
  • *When was the last time you purchased an athletic t-shirt for working out?
  • *When was the last time you purchased an athletic shorts for working out?
  • *When was the last time you purchased an athletic leggings for working out?
  • Please record the following personal measurements.

  • *Weight in kg
  • *Chest measurement (estimate) in cm
  • *How open are you to considering athletic apparel from the following brands?
  • *Just for fun: Please tell us your favourite dinner party fact? e.g. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift apart. 
  • *I state the above information is factually correct and that I wish to be contacted regarding further research on this subject. I understand that the research I participate in may be video and audio recorded, for use in research purposes only and without identifying me, in accordance with the Market Research Society code of conduct - submission of this form indicates my consent to this process.
  • *I give permission for this information to be held confidentially and securely by Podengo Market Research Recruitment Ltd in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 for the sole purpose of inviting me to participate in market research fieldwork from time to time, for which I will earn cash incentives. I understand I have the right to decline or withdraw at any time, and to have my details deleted from the database.
  • *How did you hear about this project?

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