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    Terms & Conditions
    Concierge services will be arranged following course booking.

    Quotes provided are subject to availability.

    You will be invoiced in addition for concierge services, this can be paid by debit / credit card or bacs.

    Travel and accommodation booking will be secured on payment of concierge service invoice.

    ATA will facilitate the booking of third party services, however ATA does not take responsibility for services provided by third parties.

    For all communications following 'ATA Confirmation of Concierge Booking' please direct enquiries to the travel / accommodation provider.

    ATA will not accept responsibility for delayed or cancelled flights.

    Changes to the booking may incur additional charges.

    Travel booking will be made using the above provided passenger details, please ensure you have the relevant identification available when travelling.

    Passengers take full responsibility for checking in prior to flight.

    Accommodation includes bed and breakfast, the customer will be responsible for additional charges which will be settled directly with the hotel provider.

    By signing below you are providing permission for your details to be passed to the relevant third parties to facilitate booking arrangements.

That's all, folks!