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  • Thank you for agreeing to complete this survey. If you could answer the questions as honestly as possible, it will help with how to address workforce development gaps in the South West of England.

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    Please complete the survey by 31st July 2019.

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  • *Do you currently have a lack of capably skilled staff and if so, in which areas of your business? (Choose all that apply).
  • *What staffing strategies are you likely to employ in the next 12 months to fill these gaps? (Choose all that apply).
  • *Please indicate the extent to which you are able to satisfy your staffing requirements when compared to the same time last year (choose one):
  • *Are there external factors which impact on your ability to recruit suitable staff? (Choose all that apply).
  • *Are there additional issues you face when recruiting or developing staff?
  • *Where do you require help and support in developing staff?
  • *What are your other business or workforce challenges?
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